Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall Fades to Winter

Hello Family, Happy Fall. Hope everyone is doing well. We had a good, peaceful Halloween. Dexter went Trick or Treating with his cousins, so George and I took the 3 other ones just around my parents' court. By the second house, Rori knew how to bang on the door and yell, "TEET!" She carried her own treat bag and everything. (still not having a lot of luck uploading pictures, but I got one...)

Erin - would love to hear how things are.
John - heard you were in a band..
George & Leslie - heard you were in Hawaii..

Without begging, I would love to hear what's going on.. We still get most our news from Ryan's letters.. :) Love to all. r

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Henrie said...

Such a cute little pic of Mercer. I don't know if my parents even know how to get on to the blog. :)